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Wild Meat Sauce

$12.95 NZD

The original Wild Meat Sauce born in a West Coast pub. Rich, smoky and gutsy, hand-brewed over many hours, our Wild Meat Sauce goes beaut with venison, pork and most meats, casseroles, pies fish and chips, burgers, pizza and everything off your barbie.

Made for most kiwi tucker, but NOT WHITEBAIT! Some things are best left alone!

Pretty Hot Meat Sauce

$12.95 NZD

Fired by the heat of three day smoked jalapenos and tamed with wood smoked roasted tomatoes and Canterbury blackcurrant, our Pretty Hot Sauce makes meat sing and not squeal

Goes beaut with beef, pork, chook, lamb, venison, prawns, burgers, pies, pizza and everything off your barbie. So, in other words, great with anything looking for a pretty hot mate.

It is an all natural, premium sauce that has the perfect balance of flavour, fruit, smoke and heat for most.

Forking Mint Sauce

$14.95 NZD

This is not your everyday Mint Sauce! Loaded with extra virgin olive oil, this sauce is more of a premium Mint Salsa Verde crafted to add flavour and richness whilst cutting through the richness and fats of roast or BBQ lamb and beef.

Proudly made with premium ingredients, blended with extra virgin olive oil, naturally distilled wine vinegars from New Zealand wines, capers, French dijon mustard, loaded with local mint, a few spices and a hint of chilli.

Forking Mint Sauce will elevate your Sunday roast, your favourite barbecue meats, salads and sides.

SHAKE WELL before serving with reckless abandon and keep out of the fridge.

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Glasseye Creek Twin Pack

$25.00 NZD

Get twice as saucy with our handy twin pack carry box containing a bottle of our legendary Pretty Hot Meat Sauce and the original Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce. Perfect to take to your mate’s BBQ with your box of beers under your arm or as a gift for those who like the good sauce!