The sauce was named after the tranquil and pure Glasseye Creek, which is a source of water to the region and pub, therefore, quite possibly, the water that made the ice in our whiskey glass. Which in itself was another type of source… one of inspiration to us all during our trying and testing times of the whitebaiting season of 08, when pondering over what sauce would go best with the premium wild meats of the West Coast.
As for the naming of Glasseye Creek, dating back to the early 1900’s, as the yarn goes, was named after a West Coast fella known as Taffy the gold miner whom was well known for having a glass eye. He often popped it out to ‘keep an eye on things’ when he’s not around! And one day when Taffy and his mates went bush for some hunting, it dawned on Taffy that they had forgotten to take the food with them, yet they had the supply of liquid refreshments. Which in itself was a major concern for Taffy, as he now had to go back to base camp to collect the food, leaving his mates in charge of a swag of booze. Feeling uncomfortable about this, he removed his eye, as he did because he could, and left it on the table to ‘keep and eye on them’.
As the night progressed, and the lads thirst welled, they had a yarn or two and mutually agreed to have a drink and ‘Bugger Taffy!’. However they didn’t feel comfortable with Taffy keeping an eye on them, so it was also agreed by the lads, that it was best to be removed from the table. And somehow, whilst relocating Taffy’s eye, it mysteriously got lost… the creek.
So as the yarn goes, the newly named creek, Glasseye Creek, still has the glass eye of Taffy bobbing within, but no doubt keeping an eye on roaming trout and creek life now instead of a few thirsty mates.
Can’t beat a good West Coast yarn eh!