Grilled Cheese Venison Schnitzel

A wee ripper of a recipe by Chris Dummer. And a fantastic slant on the kiwi fave of crumbed schnitzel….but with attitude!

Thanks Chris!


1 wild venisonĀ  knuckle from the haunch-(football shaped muscle)
2 eggs
Tasty Cheese
Black Pepper
Glasseye Creek Wild meat Sauce

Cooking Method: Slice the knuckle across the grain a quarter inch thick.
Brush meat with egg and crumb the schnitzels.
Fry the schnitzels in butter or oil until brown.
Arrange in oven dish-square is good and overlapping is fine.
Baste the schnitzels lavishly with Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce.
Grate heaps of cheese over the top.
Fresh grind of black pepper and grill in the oven until cheese is done.

Easy peasy!

Serves 4 to 6