Culham’s Murder Burger

1/2kg minced beef
1 -2 tbsp Glasseye Creek Sauce
2 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1  tsp minced chilli
1/2 brown onion finely cubed
1-2 eggs (depending on size)
2 grated carrots
crumbled feta or small chunks of smoked cheddar (how cheesy you want it)
a nip of red wine
salt and pepper to taste


Cooking Method:
oil a pan, heat to medium high temp
add onion garlic, chilli, salt and pepper
Caramelise till it goes a nice colour then de glaze the pan with a little red wine. Remove from  heat and set aside.
Mix all ingredients into a bowl. Make sure it is mixed well. Make a small $2 coin size patty cook it, taste it and make any adjustments required before you make all your patties.
Once you have made all your patties leave them fully formed in the fridge for a few hours this helps them to hold shape.
Best cooked on bbq. if you want a really strong bbq taste baste the patties with Glasseye Creek during the cooking process.

Patties go great with caramelised beetroot (not hard to make takes a bit of patients tho)