NZ Sausage Awards – Nearly First in Gourmet Category!

Glasseye Creek Foods awarded a Bronze Medal in the Gourmet Sausage Category!

In conjunction with Peter Timbs Meats of Christchurch, one of our nation’s finest butchers, Glasseye Creek Foods has developed a new sausage which is a snag like no other!

Our Footschlong is a whopping, jaw dropping 12 inch long, Premium Venison Sausage, infused with Glasseye Creek Sauce, that is chocker full of flavour, and remains moist, long after many other venison saussies do when BBQ’d. It is also is gluten free, yet with all the flavour! Our Glasseye Creek Footschlong is so full of meat (75% venison) and taste that our long serve of premium West Coast Venison and Glasseye Creek Sauce Saussie has been voted as nearly the best by a panel of our saussie experts in the 2010 New Zealand Sausage Awards!

Third is pretty close to first for us, considering so many entries from our finest butchers entered from throughout NZ, and the fact it is our first meat product to enter the market, we are all pretty stoked!

Contact us if you wish to know how or where you can stock or purchase the new super sausage! And trust us, at a foot long, and chocker with premium meat and Glasseye Creek Sauce, It will make many sweat with envy and others drool!

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