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FRUITS: Smoked Jalapeno Chilli, Blackcurrants
REGION: Chihuahua Mexico, Canterbury NZ
PROFILE: Rich fruit and smoke, packs a punch of heat
HEAT: High impact, yet balanced heat, …  deserved respect of 50 calibre rating
 No prisoners. High impact. To get the job done, for those who dare to try the legendary .50 CAL.  Solid heat and smokey flavour from three day smoked Jalapenos, balanced with fruit of Canterbury Black Currents. Extreme versatility to enhance and excite most dark meats and meals….for the brave.
FRUITS: Fire Flame chillies, wood roasted capsicum
REGION: Canterbury New Zealand, Turkey
PROFILE: Highly versatile: defined chilli heat balanced with fruit sweetness of capsicum, with mild acidic bite. Will enhance most meals to savoury cocktails
HEAT: Solid, medium impact, fresh and lively. Respected heat and fruit balance
Fresh, fruity with bite, lively and internationally respected. Premium chillies and mild spice, matured in vinegar, blended w/wood roasted capsicum, filtered, refined. All purpose and consistent for all sighting accurate results in cooking or to add bite to most dishes, from Mexican to burgers to Bloody Mary Cocktails.
FRUITS: Wood roasted tomato, sun-rich raisins
REGION: Sicily Italy, California USA
PROFILE: Very versatile, savoury yet sweet with Morroccaninfluence, as a side sauce or meal enhancer
HEAT: Nil heat. Mild pepper and sweet spice
Mild, sweet, fruity and distinct Morroccan influence. Unique yet versatile due to our special 12 spice blend with premium fruit. Produced originally for game fowl and the tenderness of targets sighted from the double barrel, yet ideal for domestic chook, on the side, and all red meat, especially lamb, without exception.