Heavenly Sauce hits the eyes in the skies!

Air NZ Magazine “KiaOra’ rate our sauce as “Heavenly” in their mag that tells travelers flying between Ozzie and NZ, and around our islands, what to do and eat when here!

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What the fuss is about!

Only whitebaiting can provide the unique thrill of hunting, fishing with a kinda Tai Chi attitude. Your first attempt at scooping up the white gold will get you hooked. You will be seeing the little translucent wrigglers in your dreams. You will be talking white bait stories within days. And suddenly you are an expert with a yarn to spin! And even though your bucket of a few kg’s is not enough to pay the last mortgage payment that is due, your attitude becomes one of ‘She’ll be right mate, I catch enough tomorrow morning to pay the bugger’s. Addictive you ask? Damn right. Rewarding? Not always by way of the kg, but always by the fun, yarns and laughs you have with the good buggers on the coast, especially at Little Wanganui!

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Glasseye Creek voted ‘Product of the Month’ by Foodie

The well respected website for foodies aptly named www.foodie.co.nz has voted Glasseye Creek the Product of the Month and rated it 5 out of 5!

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Winner ‘Best New Food’ at the famous Wildfoods Festival, Hokitika 2010

Glasseye Creek was voted ‘best New Food’ out of 300 other foods at the renowned Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika, 2010!

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